Website Design, Hosting, and Maintenance Services:

Our company provides website services to business and individuals looking to expand their company to the world. We also try to help promote your company by helping you create a facebook, twitter, and other social media accounts to interact with your costumers. We also provide a one to one promotional service for any and all of our current clients that need some extra help in letting the community know they exist. Once every week we distribute promotional flyers on a door to door basis. If you are a client and are interested in being a part of this opportunity the cost is 10 cents per flyer and your submission has to be turned in by Friday before noon to be on the next weeks delivery.
  • Website design and deployment
  • Website Hosting... usually $20/month without a contract... $15 for a 1 year contract paid in full
  • Updates and problems are based on an hourly rate of $45.00/hour
  • All Web-hosted contracted accounts of 1 year or more receive 1 free hour of maintenance per week
  • Online Shopping Carts
  • Talk to a real computer specialist today!
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