Hi guys!!

I'm so excited you stopped by my site and I hope you find exactly what you're looking for.

If you're looking for anointed music that draws you into the presence of God, I believe you've found it. Soaking is a relatively new term in Christian circles, but what it involves certainly isn't new. If you're not familiar with soaking, it is simply shutting out the world, getting quiet before God, and receiving what He has for you. It literally is being like a sponge and "soaking" up anything God sends down.

     Check out my blog for much more on what soaking is.

Many people play music during soaking sessions, but be advised not just any music will do. That's where soaking music comes in. I record all my music myself with nothing written on paper. I simply close my eyes, start seeking God, and I begin to hear beautiful, heavenly, anointed melodies. I then play and record what I'm hearing. Many times, God gives me different songs for different reasons. Some are for serene contemplation on the goodness of God, and others are for spiritual warfare. The differences are amazing!

     If you're already a "soaker", check out my music page and help yourself.

If you're new to soaking, just jump right in ... you'll love it. In the quiet times with God, you'll say ...

"my beloved is mine and I am his".